About iOrnament

The iOrnament App grew out of a sequence of related programs that were developed over the past 25 years. The oldest ancestor of iOrnament is a program "Ornament" that was written by the author of these pages and presented at the symmetry exhibition in Darmstadt 1986. The program allowed to draw black and white wallpaper pictures at that time on an Atari computer. Inspired by this similar programs were written that ran in various Mathematics exhibitions among them the exhibition ix-quadrat at TU Munich and the German Museum in Munich. The amazing fact about these kind of programs is that everyone starting from a three year old child to an highly intellectual adult can at the same time be creative, have fun with them and learn something about mathematical structures. For more information visit the related projects page.

About me

Jürgen Richter-Gebert (that's me) is mathematics professor at the Technical University of Munich. My major research interests are in geometry and visualization and computer supported mathematics. I am creator of several award winning visualization projects and have contributed interactive visualizations to various mathematics exhibitions. Among them are the German Museum Munich and the Museum for Minerals and Mathematics in Oberwolfach. At the TU Munich campus I run the mathematics exhibition ix-quadrat. I try to combine mathematics, modern visualization technics and playful approaches to demonstrate that math can be beauty and fun.